JoeBelle History

Who is JoeBelle?

JoeBelle is a musical group comprised of family members, carrying on a legacy of music that has spanned numerous generations. JoeBelle is a combination of our shared grandparents, Joe and Belle. All of our collective musical endeavors are inspired by their encouragement throughout our youth as we grew up under them. They taught our parents the virtues of faith, strength, respect, honesty and spirituality through living life with a purposeful intent; one of the byproducts of their passed on lineage involved the tremendous healing power of music.

Since their passing, it has been our mission to share our gifts and talents with all of you in an effort to give you a look and listen into the great music that they passed on to us--we use our own individuality and influences to combine it into what you'll hear--the soundtrack of our lives.  We honor their memory and do our best to continue the legacy. 

JoeBelle's earliest inception began circa early 2007 through shared conversations between two musically inclined cousins.  As the conversations became more frequent, they ended up together in a family basement sharing their talents on vocals and guitar.  Songs like "When I Say" and "Lies" began to develop over the coming months, leading to what we call "The First Five" songs; it was quickly realized that it was more than just a weekend thing to do--it was something that could be presented to an audience that would enjoy and benefit from it.  With the nucleus of the group solidified, the duo went about securing the talents of two other family members who had strong desire and impressive talents.  

With all of that said, there is one certainty:  Without Joe and Belle, none of this would be possible and it is why we use their names to brand our music; we thank you for joining us on this journey.

We intend on sharing this music with you and hope that you enjoy the experience.  We welcome you to explore this site and engage yourselves with the musical movement that is...

..."JoeBelle, Baby!"