JoeBelle Members

JoeBelle is a group of siblings and cousins that grew up together in a tight knit family; the bond that they share goes back to infancy. Most people want to know a lot more about the members of JoeBelle, but will soon find that they are more inclined to put focus on what is most important:  The Music.

Kimmage - Vocalist"Kimmage" - Vocalist

Kimmage is the Lyricist and Vocalist of JoeBelle.  Kimmage has been singing since she was a young girl.  Kimmage is cousin to all members of JoeBelle.








Jizz - Guitarist"Jizz" - Guitarist

Jizz is the Guitarist and Songwriter of JoeBelle.  Jizz has been a guitarist since the 90s. Jizz is Raw's older brother; he is cousin to Kim and Scoot.









Scoot - Bassist"Scoot" - Bassist

Scoot is the Bassist and Songwriter of JoeBelle.  Scoot has been playing bass since he was a young boy.  Scoot is cousin to his fellow members of JoeBelle.








Raw - Percussion"Raw" - Percussion

Raw is the percussionist and keyboardist of JoeBelle.  Just like the other members of JoeBelle, Raw is a self-taught musician.  Raw is Jizz's younger brother and cousin to the other members.